Shahin is an alterations expert. Whether handling delicate lace or thick denim, her expertise and dependability are of great value to her dedicated clients.

What Sets Her Services Apart?

  • She can handle any fabric with expert knowledge.
  • She is very detail oriented and enjoys working with materials that are considered challenging.
  • She loves to teach her clients how to care for their garments properly.
  • She cares about what she does and who she does it for – and it shows in every stitch.

Wedding Alterations

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Shahin has a special place in her heart for wedding alterations. There is no doubt – the bride’s gown is one of the most significant elements of her wedding day. She knows how to personalize your wedding dress to fit you as if it were custom made. She loves to help the bride find the perfect bridal gown.

The groom’s attire is also a foundational piece that often goes under-appreciated. It not only embodies and sets the masculine tone for the wedding’s theme, but it also acts as a frame for the bride’s own gown. Ensy Tailor is here to make sure that the groom looks as sharp as possible, perfectly tailoring his tuxedo, suit, etc. to fit and enhance his frame.

Just as the bride and groom’s attire specially celebrates them on their day, the bridal party is clothed with attention and care as well. Shahin takes great care in making sure that each bridesmaid and groomsman’s piece is tailored to correlate with the standard of the entire ensemble. Don’t forget the tailoring needs of the family members as well, such as the mother of the bride and the groom’s great grandmother. Each person shares a special part of this day and will be served with excellence at Ensy’s Tailor.